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| December 31, 2012

MACRA na Feirme have launched their campaign to promote local farmers and encourage consumers to make community focused purchases this festive period and beyond. Macra are working with the National Dairy Council to highlight the NDC Guarantee that assures consumers in the Republic of Ireland that the milk and cream they are purchasing has been both farmed and processed locally. Bryan Daniels, a young farmer from Kilmoganny, Co. Kilkenny, is featured in an online video explaining why it’s important to him that consumers support local farmers. Each month, another young farmer will feature in a new video.

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Macra National President, Alan Jagoe, speaking about the campaign said, “We are urging consumers to support local producers by choosing locally produced food and dairy products with the NDC Guarantee. As these young farmers will tell you, this simple action supports thousands of jobs and keeps money in your community. Christmas is a time when a lot of food is purchased and we’re asking consumers to make this an Irish Christmas and make a conscious effort to support their community.”

Macra has carried out an online survey of consumers’ attitudes to the NDC Guarantee and the impact it has on dairy farmers. An overwhelming 94% of those surveyed felt that the NDC Guarantee was ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to them, as consumers.
Of them, 81% felt that it was important to them because they wanted to ‘choose Irish produce’, followed closely in importance by ‘supporting local jobs’, ‘supporting their local community’ and ‘quality’.

Want to find out more about why buying locally produced food is important? Check out and hear from Macra’s young farmers about how it helps them.

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