JP commits €40m in Mid West funding

| March 6, 2014


LIMERICK multi millionaire JP McManus has committed to donate €40 million in Grant Funds for Local Communities and Non-Profit Organisations in the Mid West.

Details of a new fund for the mid-west region were announced by JP McManus and is valued at €40 million where it will be managed as a sole entity, independent of any existing programmes sponsored by Mr McManus and will aim to support local community initiatives and non-profit organisations throughout the Mid-West of Ireland.

Chaired by Sue Ann Foley, the new entity will be operated by a select Committee Group working to enhance the quality of life in local communities.

The key focus areas will be on:

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a). Community Development

b). Healthcare Development

c). Education Development

d). Local Infrastructural Development

Commenting on the launch, Sue Ann Foley said, ”we are hoping to support vital community efforts to provide better economic and social futures at grass roots level and upwards. By setting up this Fund, we would like to provide an opportunity to focus on the less fortunate in society and direct funds where they are most needed. Much of the work undertaken by these charities and organisations is done without publicity and attention and their daily needs can easily be overlooked”.

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