Fraudsters and bogus callers ‘rampant’ in Limerick

| October 11, 2016



Gardai are warning of increase in bogus callers in Limerick

A PARISH newsletter has warned older people of the prevalence of bogus callers and fraudsters scamming in areas of Limerick City.

Gardai in Limerick say they are investigating an increase in such callers who target the elderly through scams and last weekend asked parish priests to share the warning.

A message from the gardai printed in the St Munchin’s parish newsletter said: “the newest scam is people calling letting on they are from the Council carrying out works on the water. They ask the occupant to go to the back of the house or upstairs and turn on the taps to check the water running. When the occupier is out of sight the ‘caller’ goes through the house taking whatever valuables are in sight”.

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The Limerick notice added; “It is also a regular occurrence with people pretending to be builders calling to houses informing people that they need work carried out on their roofs, gutters or shoots. If you need work carried out on your house you are more than capable of ringing someone to do the job for you. Don’t be influenced by what they are claiming. Be aware of people calling with sponsor cards looking for money for charity”.

Gardai have urged people to “look out for your elderly neighbours and contact gardai if you notice anything suspicious”.

The message was reiterated by the priests of the parish at Masses last weekend.


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