Jazz ensembles sound out end of year party

| December 5, 2016
This Wednesday 7 from 7.30pm on, Upstairs at Dolan's, Dock Road

This Wednesday 7 from 7.30pm on, Upstairs at Dolan’s, Dock Road

ROLL up for the end of year Improvisation gig this Wednesday 7,  essential sampling at Christmas by Limerick Jazz Workshop’s many musicians.

Taking place in Dolan’s Upstairs, look forward to a suite of ensembles playing off in organised streams from 7.30pm. These are accomplished musicians who engage in master workshops to learn the complicated art of playing jazz together. Not an easy challenge, but rewarding, most of all for this informal audience.

Vocalists  – Linda Galvin, Sian Murray, Shannon Morrissey – will join them episodically, spicing up the pace and outpouring of music, sweet music.

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Ed Hansom of Limerick Jazz Society is the man behind the drive. A saxophonist himself, he leads in with artists such as Steve Hanks, Joe O’Callaghan, Peter Hanagan and Limerick Jazz chairman John Daly, the weekly classes that take place in LIT, Moylish.

Others such as multi-instrumentalist Bryan Meehan will join them.

From college to mature middle age (!), this hardworking corps now celebrates and showcases the year’s ambition in concert.

Mick and Valerie Dolan lay on hot finger food and ’tis only a fiver in.

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