#newmusic Paddy Mulcahy – ‘The Words She Said’

| March 29, 2017

LIMERICK composer/ producer Paddy Mulcahy has released an eight track album of his instrumental compositions. The project began with a recording trip to Germany in the Summer of 2015 and continued as part of Paddy’s studies at Limerick Institute of Technology for a  BSc    Degree in Music Production. Several demos of this album were part of the final year project,    alongside a 9000 word thesis.

Mulcahy explores his love of the sounds of piano and synthesiser in this series of one-take recordings with post production. ‘Fire & Storm Song’ combines two pieces on baby grand piano and Yamaha and Korg synthesisers building into a theme tune that lingers long after the album fades. ‘On A Hill In Swinford’ is written in tribute to the minimalist composer Conor Walsh who suffered a heart attack in March 2015 and died at just 36 years of age. Paddy had performed with Conor and the duo had plans to record together.

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This is Paddy’s sixth release. Throughout ‘The Words She Said’ there is beauty, melody and harmony between the man-made and machine-made from a composer who keeps surpassing his own high standards with every release.

‘The Words She Said’ and all of Paddy’s catalogue of recordings is available now on paddymulcahy.bandcamp.com


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