Worms in the heart of suburbia’s bookclub

| May 18, 2017

Left, Antoinette Portley winds up a guilty Edel Heaney

THE Bernard Farrell hit ‘Bookworms’ was taken on joyfully by Torch Players and director Maurice O’Sullivan for their spring production.

Laugh-out-loud wickedness ensued, and Torch is  thrilled take to the boards again: Friars’ Gate in Kilmallock on Thursday 25, Kilkee’s Cultúrlann Sweeney, Sunday 28 and St John’s Theatre in Listowel for Thursday June 1. All shows 8pm.

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The daft but credible storyline pivots within a snobbish couple’s living room; this is the local bookclub’s first night inviting in male partners.There’s murder in the mayhem as veiled logistical, criminal, intercontinental and sexual circuits come to light.

The cast is a topper with Chris Rowley, Antoinette Portley, Peter Hayes, Katie Dowling, Joanne O’Brien, Brian McNamara, Dan Mooney and the neurotic, exposed hostess, Edel Heaney.

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