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Call (061) 413322 or e-mail is Limericks premier digital news platform.  

Launched in 1996 as one of the first regional newspapers to go online , has seen huge growth in traffic figures as reader keep coming back to catch up on all the latest from Limerick.

Overlays, Wallpaper and impact format rates are available on request.


Types of advertisements

mpuMPU 300 X 250

An MPU or Mid-Page Unit is an advert that usually sits within online editorial content. An MPU is surrounded by editorial – it is easily viewed by users. An MPU is one of the most effective formats of online advertising on   Maximum download file size – 40k Recommended animation length – 15 seconds

CPM: €12.50



A Leaderboard banner is almost the width of a webpage and its placed beside the masthead (the title area at the top of a Web page). Leaderboards are known to offer advertisers a great deal of space in a prominent position without intruding on content.

CPM: €10.00






Skyscraper ads are the tallest form of online advertising on The standard skyscraper is 120×600 and the wide skyscraper is 160×600. Maximum download file size – 40k Recommended animation length – 15 seconds

CPM: €12.50

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