Pork products recalled

FOLLOWING the national recall of all pork products late on Saturday night, county Limerick farmers are confident that production could get back underway as early as this weekend.
It is believed that the contamination came from the supply of pig feed that used recycled bread products. These products were treated but seemingly did not have their external packaging removed.
Meantime, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) today [Monday] updated consumers on the national recall of Irish pork and bacon products. Irish pork and bacon products are being recalled as a precautionary measure from the market due to the illegal presence of a dioxin contaminant in a portion of the Irish pork and bacon available on the market.
The FSAI reiterates its advice to consumers not to consume any Irish pork or bacon products. However, it stresses that people should not be alarmed or concerned in relation to the potential risks from dioxin’s found in pork products. A short term peak exposure to dioxins and PCBs does not result in adverse health effects.

The FSAI confirms that:

The use of a contaminated ingredient added to pork feed is identified as the source of the contamination. This feed was provided to ten Irish farms which produce approximately 10% of the total supply of pigs in Ireland.

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It is now considered that the profile of dioxins found is similar to those found in electronic transformer oils.

Retailers have been asked to co-operate and to assist in the collection, return and disposal of product through the supply chain. The FSAI and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will work with the retail sector and producers in relation to resumption of product supply when appropriate.

The retail and hospitality industries have been briefed and advised on appropriate actions to take.

Environmental health officers (EHOs) throughout the country are assisting in this withdrawal process.

The FSAI will provide updates as and when further information becomes available.

Earlier this week, routine testing of the food chain for a range of contaminants found elevated levels of PCBs in pork meat, as these PCB levels might be an indicator for dioxin contamination, further investigations were undertake to determine the content and possible sources of contamination. Analytical results received over on Saturday last confirmed the presence of dioxins in pork meat. As soon the results were confirmed, the FSAI as a precautionary measure, required the food industry to recall from the market all Irish pork and bacon products produced from pigs slaughtered in Ireland.