Curtail shop opening hours – Cllr

Clr Eddie Wade has called on supermarkets to curtail their opening hours and days during the Christmas period.

However, the Fianna Fail member said that he was dismayed that a female councillor in particular, had objected to his motion at the previous meeting.

“I have lots of women coming up to me saying that they are being forced to work in supermarkets until 9pm on Christmas Eve and then back in St Stephen’s Day.

“These women may lose their jobs if they refuse to work these long hours. And I just think that if these shops and supermarkets are closed, they will at least get three days at home with their families”.

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Cllr Mary Jackman replied that she knows of lots of women who are forced to work long hours and do overtime at Christmas because of “economic circumstances” and they were delighted to get the extra hours.She said that they were relying on this extra income.