Poinsettia plant care


December 25 is marked in your calendar as Christmas day. We often have a month long preparation for the coming of this event. We decorate our houses with lots of Christmas ornaments and play loud music of Christmas carols. Flowers and plants have played a particular role in this holiday season. They come from varying kinds, colours, and designs.

Poinsettia Flowers are the best to represent Christmas. That is why it is very important that you have the knowledge of how to take good care of this kind of flowers.

Tips on How to take Care Poinsettia Flowers

In choosing for a perfect poinsettia flowers, consider the following:

1. The plant should be a small, compact knotted buds placed in the centre.

2. The plant should be undamaged, brittle and dazzling.

3. Do not display your plant on crowded locations.

In keeping your poinsettia blossoming, you must also:

1. Water the plant appropriately. Remove excess water on the saucer.

2. Keep the plant on the right temperature. This will enable to prolong the colour

   wof the plant.

3. Keep the plant away from hot or cold breeze. Protect it from cold air.