Caherdavin and LPYMA grounds high on agenda


MOVE over Christmas, the whiff of local elections is already in the air, nowhere as evident as City Hall, where our public representatives are busily calling for improvements and developments in their individual electoral areas.


Upgrading work is urgently required for Mayorstone Quarry, and the 8,000 plus residents of Caherdavin require a green recreational area, not to mention the strategically located LPYMA Grounds, which must be developed to provide leisure and sports facilities for the local community – these are just some of the recommendations coming from north side FG councillor, Michael Hourigan.

Speaking at a meeting of the Cultural and Sporting Committee, he described Mayorstone Quarry as currently “unwalkable”.

“It’s constantly flooded and requires drainage work as well as a new pathway,” he told director of services, Pat Dowling.

Reminding Mr Dowling that the city council inherited Caherdavin in the boundary extension granted earlier this year, he asked if the city council would honour an earlier commitment given by the county council to the residents, that recreational facilities would be developed on a green area behind the community centre.

“We could put in a playground and other facilities – it would be a gesture to show we are proactive for the people there,” he said.

Referring to the council’s long promised report on the LPYMA, Cllr Hourigan said:

“There are lots of schools in the area, all starved for a bit of open space and we have about four acres in the LPYMA – it’s time we did something here and made a commitment to the people that these grounds will be used for the people of Limerick – this is an ideal location for recreational activities for both young and old”.

Saying that he is aware of the situation in the Mayorstone Quarry, Mr Dowling pointed out that this is a matter for the Parks Department to attend to.

“I will use my good offices with that Department to have the pathway there resurfaced and also some drainage work carried out,” he told Cllr Hourigan.

“As regards Caherdavin, I have had discussion with the county council regarding recreational facilities there, similar to what they have in Castletroy. But now, given the scale of the site as well as the relocation of the Maternity Hospital and the LPYMA Grounds, and in line with our current review of the city development plan, there is an opportunity to preserve these areas and to put a plan in action.

“We are in discussion with the residents of Caherdavin regarding the possibility off playgrounds – we’ve been meeting with them on this – however, everything is subject to money and we would have to draw down from the government for this”.

Mr Dowling confirmed that the upgrading work in Shelbourne Park will be completed and the park ready for reopening in April.