Celebrating Winter at home


DECEMBER days are the depth of Winter and this is the most expensive and exciting month of the year:  The colours of Autumn have faded and with the leaves, have blown in the gales and rain and icy patches.  But we are in Ireland, and are used to the gales and rain … all year long.  And now with uncertainty in the economic climate as well we need to find security in our lives, in our homes.


It is time to turn our thoughts and eyes towards hibernation, surrounding ourselves with comfort and warmth to snuggle up.  

“Bring a flame to our hearth and colour to our homes to celebrate being tucked up inside,” suggests Petrina O’Donnell, a professional designer with Assist Interiors at Barrington Street. “December’s colours are the warm berries and rosy apples, the bright jewels of the forest.  Blackberries, red berries, holly, hawthorn, sloes, all decorate the great outdoors.  We can reflect this in our homes.  This is how we create harmony between nature and home”.  

Petrina advocates bringing in colour and a theme simply.  “It won’t cost a lot, just introduce a bowl here, a few candles there and maybe a painting could be changed. Harmony is achieved through simplicity, without conflict.  Introduce one new colour to the room and group a few items together to create a focal point.  Then cuddle up and enjoy your winter home.  And you don’t even have to put your nose outside the door to be at one with Nature”.

Petrina O’Donnell, Dip. Interior Design is based Assist Interiors, 24 Barrington Street, Limerick. (086) 2660962