Polish artists creating art in Ireland


MAKE a date for the Absolute Hotel on Saturday December 13, 7pm for the launch of the 2nd Festival of Polish Art in Limerick. More than visual arts, some music, charity and an auction will distinguish what should be a friendly reception, bringing the two nations together.


Running for four days, the exhibition of Polish artists creating in Ireland is, in part, a benefit for the Ark Ward at the Mid West Regional Hospital. Opening night of the festival will be graced by the violinist Marcin Diling, a professional musician.

Organised by the Irish Polish Cultural & Business Association (IPCBA), the association is gathering works by participating artists for auction. The proceeds of sale from these donated works will go towards the children’s ward and facilities.

“This year Polish people will have another chance to give something back to the Irish Society, local children in need in particular,’’ commented IPCBA chairperson Justyna Cwojdzins ka.

IPCBA is intent on promoting the Polish arts “in all their various aspects”. According to Cwojdzinska,  ‘’Polish people, as you know, are the majority among the emigrants in Ireland and yet our national heritage is still very little known and acknowledged. Events like the art festival aim to broaden the knowledge and add a different value to the image of Poles in Ireland. That perfectly corresponds with the mission statement of the Irish Polish Cultural & Business Association in Limerick that has been contributing to the Irish and Polish integration for the past 10 years.’’

Expect the exhibition to a sort of a collage of Polish arts, an opportunity to see a variety of paintings, graphics, sculpture and photography. The Absolute Hotel is host from December 13 to 17 to works by Anna Ajtner, Natalia Czarnecka, Piotr Chilik, Karina Drogowska, Katarzyna Gajewska, Magdalena Growska, Agata Gurdet, Joanna Kalemba-Kalinowska, Marek Komisaruk, Ewa Krzeminska, Anna Lewanska, Ewa Nowinska, Tomasz Piatek, Katarzyna Sosnowska-Gajda, Lukasz Wieczorek, Anna Winiarska and Magdalena Wojciechowska.