We should be dead farewell gig


LIMERICK band We Should Be Dead have announced plans to take on America in 2009. Their trip to the US over the summer saw them meet up with a lot of influential and connected people that are eager to work with them. WSBD are looking forward to heading over in early January to record their second album in between extensive touring for the next 12 months.

The young four piece are both “excited and nervous” at the prospect of re-locating to Los Angeles, but are looking forward to the tough challenge that is the US market. The Band play their “not to be missed” farewell gig on St Stephens night in Dolans Warehouse. WSBD have promised a fun-filled night with a lot of new songs from their forthcoming album as well as some of the gems from this years release Forget Romance, Let’s Dance. The guys and gals are hoping for a strong Limerick support on the night as it will be the last show here for some time.

The band have said they are really going to miss their hometown Limerick, just as the music scene is starting to boom again  but will be adding a mailing list option to their my space page so you can sign up and keep yourself in the loop with tales of their adventures.