ESB officials in firing line


OFFICIALS from the ESB are to be asked to attend a future meeting of Limerick County Council to be grilled on the “bad service they are providing” to the county.

Cllr Eddie Wade said that replacement lights and new lights are not being erected by the ESB, despite being paid up front by its biggest customer – Limerick County Council.  “Officials from the ESB came in here to County Hall some time back and gave commitments that they would give us a proper service.


“But nothing has changed to date. We are blaming the executives, not the workers. But we need answers,” he told councillors at the November meeting of Limerick County Council.

The director of Transportation and Water Services, Paul Crowe, replied: “I share your dissatisfaction with the ESB and I can’t say there has been any great improvement since the ESB officials were in here the last time”.  Cllr Wade asked that ESB officials should be invited into County Hall, which was agreed by councillors present.