Limerick group animate O’Bama tune


LIMERICK based band, The Corrigan brothers, are back with their latest addition to their homage to US president elect Barrack Obama and his Irish connections. Back in April, the trio satirized presidential candidate Barack Obama and his Irish heritage. They did it with a song and YouTube video called “There’s no one as Irish as Barack O’Bama.”

And now that he is president-elect Obama, the three are back with updated and animated version.


A year ago it was revealed Obama has roots in the small town of Moneygall in Offaly, research by the genealogy Web site showed. Apparently his great great great grandfather was born in Ireland. Ger Corrigan, together with his brothers Brian and Donnacha, make up the three-piece band that has again tickled the funny bone.

Having received an invite from to travel to the US if Obama was elected, it is still unknown if the trio will make an apperance but safe to say that their youtube video will attract quite a number of hits both here and abroad.

The trio have roots in the rich pastures of North Tipperary and living in Limerick, The Corrigan Brothers were forced to sing for visiting relations from an early age. They did however receive enough therapy to continue a musical career through adulthood.

Multi Instrumentalists Gerard, Brian and Donncha Corrigan have individually had varied musical careers. Ger played in a rock band in the 80s and unsuccessfully entered the Irish national song contest on two occasions while Brian and Donny have a folk pedigree that stretches back to the early nineties.

The Corrigan Brothers came together four years ago as Hardy Drew and the Nancy boys and came to prominence with a rap in the Irish language called “Cupla Focal” (a few words). They followed this with a song about a tragic yet hilarious relationship that found them appearing on the RTE comedy show Podge and Rodge in a series called Ballydung Idol. They lead the Ballydung Idol competition for eight weeks eventually coming second.

2008 saw The Corrigan Brothers embrace the Irish roots of Barack Obama. They have appeared on TV all over the world with this iconic song. They have featured in countless documentaries and performed the song on election night in Moneygall Co. Officially the ancestral home of Barack Obama.