Walk yourself fit in 2009 With Foot Solutions

FOOT SOLUTIONS is the leading health and wellness franchise focusing on foot care, comfort shoes and custom arch supports. With 250 stores worldwide, Foot Solutions have helped people all over the world to get into shape. Now open in Limerick’s O’Connell Street, Foot Solutions carry a complete line of walking and running shoes, some of which are designed to burn off calories. Foot Solutions also carry comfort footwear for work, dress and play, all designed to accommodate orthotics.

Physiological Shoes

With ongoing advances in technology, and awareness of the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle, people are looking to their feet and to their footwear to help achieve this.

Foot Solutions carry a range of technical footwear designed not just to improve balance and posture, but which can also help with weight loss and increased burning of calories which in turn will give you greater benefit from your regular exercise.

Two of these revolutionary brands of physiological shoes are MBT and Chung Shi. These shoes have a rocker-type sole. The special construction of these shoes provides a mechanism that triggers continuous low-grade foot and leg muscle activity, which causes the feet and legs to receive gentle exercise throughout the day. Some back, hip, and knee problems may also be relieved with this type of shoe. Both of these shoes are also gaining popularity among personal fitness trainers, as they are designed to enhance core strength and balance, as well as helping to shed unwanted pounds in the process. These effects are noted in many cases within just a few days of starting to wear these amazing shoes.

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Foot Solutions have trained consultants who carry out full foot and gait analyses. They will scan your feet and advise on the appropriate mix of arch support and comfort footwear to help get you into shape quicker.

An important thing to note is that you don’t need to have a problem to benefit from visiting Foot Solutions, they can advise on preventative care and help find the most comfortable solution just for you. Call to Foot Solutions today at for a free full foot analyses, visit www.footsolutions.com or call 061-404849 for further information.