Fashion trends for Spring

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Top fashion trends for Spring
foil wrapped ‘Minx nails’

Join Beyoncé and match your nails perfectly with your outfit with Minx ‘nail fashion’. Choose a custom designed graphic or even a photo and you can have it, literally, at your fingertips. It doesn’t smudge or chip, and it requires no drying time as it’s a heat applied foil (like shrink wrap). Check out for more details.
vintage hair
Fashion’s love for everything vintage stretches beyond the wardrobe – such is the demand that salons solely dedicated to vintage styling are growing in popularity, like Nina’s Parlour in London, see:

what’s not…
doom and gloom
It’s hard not to get affected by the doom and gloom everywhere. Despite everything, we have to hold our heads high and get on with it. One bunch of people are trying to help us do just that with five events to endeavour to put smiles on our faces over the next five months, starting this Saturday night at Dolan’s Warehouse.
See for full details.

Asymmetrical Necklines
Almost every designer had some version of this trend in their collection, particularly popular in tops, and flowing and fitted dresses. Shoulders are big news so show yours off when you can.
Bright colours were seen all over this season’s fashion weeks from oranges of every variety to lemon yellows, chartreuse, fuschia and bright blues, and punchy primary shades. Nude and flesh tones for understated elegance offset inky tones of navy and black for grown-up glamour. Muted brights such as mint-green and coral are also big, as are Miami Vice bubblegum hues like peach and lilac.
High Waists
High waistlines and cinched waists are still big news carrying over from last season, and the one before. Simple lines help create a very feminine silhouette that favours all body shapes – just know how to wear yours to suit yourself. Expect to see more peplum waist tops this season, a very flattering shape to most.
Ahit from the 80’s, they’re possibly no less easy to wear but they are at least a lot more stylish this time around! Draped and belted at the waist these could be flattering but they’re not for everyone. Proceed with caution.
Sheer fabrics are a major trend for Spring. Seen on numerous runways, layer for flowing romance or pair with pretty lingerie for a big nightime statement.
The White Dress
This is a big trend for the season, expect to see white dresses in ruffles, and layers of sheer fabrics. If the weather doesn’t pick up, we’ll have to wear them sari style over 3/4 length white jeans, make sure the dresses are well above the knee for this look however and that the fabrics’ weights work together. Finish with the must-have season strappy platform heel.
Harem Pants
We saw what were called ‘nappy pants’ in the 80s making an appearance here and there last season. Now cropped shorter at mid- calf but still as baggy at the hip, harem pants featured at the shows paired with belts and chunky heels. Another one only for the very fashion forward,
Arabian Nights
While asymmetrical dresses and harem pants are also in this vein, many designers used jeweled-necklines, Ali Baba ankle length pants, turbans, and other accents that take influence from the likes of Cleopatra.
Bohemian Style
Back yet again for Spring and into Summer, the boho look is a big hit still with some of the leading designers. Think peasant blouses and maxi skirts – let’s hope we get the weather this year for this very summery look.
Ruffles & Bows
Ruffles and bows dressed up simple silhouettes in the Spring 2009 Collections. Look for bows at the shoulders and hips, and ruffles at hemlines.
Other Trends
Other trends include figure hugging bandeau dresses (Hervé Léger does it best but it’s not a recession happy price tag (1,400euro!) look out for many high street copies), denim, geometric and intricate pattern prints, think easy with loose fit blazers, ankle crop pants, and boyfriend shirts, fringing 1920s flapper style, contrast a slouchy big-Vsweater with a sequins vest popping through similar to those at Stella McCartney, get shipshape for Spring with ropes and marina stripes, oversized animal print: large zebra or giraffe, goddess dresses with Grecian draping for red carpet events, gladiator and strappy caged style platform sandals, and get sporty with running pants, hoodies, and bodysuits as seen on many designer catwalks.

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