Limerick Chamber’s referral network


AIMING to rebuild consumer confidence by unifying business in, Limerick Chamber, this week, announces the launch of Limerick Chamber Referral Network for 2009. The inaugural meeting will take place on Friday January 30 next in the Absolute Hotel at 9am.


“Our aim in Limerick Chamber is to help  local businesses and companies get more business” says Maria Kelly, CEO Limerick Chamber “and in these tough trading times there is no better way to generate business than by meeting and networking with other like minded people.” “Face to face networking has proven to be the way to guarantee sales, build relationships with potential clients, build a brand and last but not least be part of a dynamic group that are facing challenging times together.” “Limerick Chamber is aligning itself with the businesses in the midwest in a united front in facing these challenging recessionary times and we are adapting the Barack Obama inaugural theme ‘we are one.’

Limerick Chamber invites all of our Members to join us at our inaugural meeting to find out how this elite referral network can be of benefit to them. The Network  will be facilitated by Gaye Moore who is a past National President of Network Ireland and who is the founder of, The Women’s Business Referral Network which has generated thousands of euros worth of business for its members.  The referral network will not be for just referrals and generating business, it will also provide support and teamwork for those who join.

The meetings will be held twice a month with only one person from each profession in each group. The cost to join is 295 euros for Chambers Members. Interest in this referral is expected to be high so it is advisable that you sign up prior to the inaugural meeting or on the day. Attendance at this inaugural meeting is free of charge to Limerick Chamber members and will cost 15.00 euro for non-Member.

Maura McMahon has more details at 061- 217604, or [email protected]