Arms and suspect package found in city


MEMBERS of the Army Bomb Disposal Unit were alerted to a suspect package found in a green field site near the Glasgow Park area of the city last night. The unit carried out a number of controlled explosions to render the device safe. Gardai in the southside area of Limerick also found a number of firearms and ammunition at the site together with the suspect packages.

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“We heard a loud bang and we thought it was a crash or something like that. I didn’t think that bombs or guns could be found in our area, certainly not in Glasgow Park. I never dreamed of it for one minute,” said local cllr for the Glasgow Park area, Lilly Wallace, said on a radio interview this morning.

The find yeilded two sawn-off shotguns, a rifle and around 60 rounds of ammunition that were concealed at the base of a wall in a green area between Glasgow Park housing estate and the Childers Road last night.

Gardaí say the search operation was mounted as part of ongoing investigations into serious crime in Limerick. The area has been sealed off and further searches are planned in the area this morning.