Specialist in Natural Wood Flooring


FEW can resist the enduring beauty of a real wood floor, and of course, its appeal with respect to easy maintenance. Wood floors in pale beech and maple strips took Ireland in a fashionable wave about 10 years ago, but heating systems and trends have brought in a new generation of wood-types, manufacturing and colours.

Given the outlay (floors do last for decades) and the opportunity for hazard in wood warping, it pays to contract a professional. Refer to George Hickey’s Natural Wood Flooring company, a specialist in solid and engineered woods, located at Cois Ghruda, Castletroy, off the Groody roundabout.

George supervises every job “before, during and after” done by his small and expert team of fitters.

“It’s essential to consider both the wood of your choice and the environment in which it will be placed before work begins. Natural Wood Flooring will take a reading of the humidity level in your concrete floor, the room and the wood to make recommendations that have to be followed through on how long a solid wood will acclimatise at your home or office before installation”.

“There are scientific reasons as to why wood will react to external influences and once it warps, you have the expense of new labour to fund and quite possibly, a new supply of wood if the floor you have is irreparably damaged’.

With respect to solid engineered floors, these are ideal for use with underfloor heating. George Hickey is sole agent in the mid west for the insulation-friendly underlay Elastilion. This is a high-density fibre that conducts heat upwards, ensuring a warmer environment through thermal radiation.

“Natural Wood Flooring also stocks exotic woods not easily found elsewhere, such as American Hickory, Merbau and African Kempas.”

A showroom surely worth a visit, so, telephone George Hickey for directions to Cois Ghruda as the showroom is only open by appointment.