Listings February 26 to March 4


Thursday February 26
Clubs and Concerts
Icon: Ladies Night

Dolan’s: Gyan Riley
Green and Live Sessions 11
Trinity Rooms: Access All Areas with Johnny da Bomb
Pubs and Gigs
Smyths: Loaded

Friday February 27
Clubs and Concerts
Icon: Wkd Fridays
Dolan’s: Mark Geary
The Truth
Trinity Rooms: Valentine’s Eve Ball with Zoo Crew and John O’Callaghan
Pubs and Gigs:
Smyths: J90
Cuckoo Box: Intrigue
Gooser’s: Live Music
Russell’s: Fashion Show
Sinatra’s at the Hi Way: Motive followed by JP Dillon

Saturday February 28
Clubs and Concerts
Icon: DJ
Dolan’s: Franz Ferdinand SOLD OUT
Trinity Rooms: Paul Webb
Pubs and Gigs
Smyths: DJ
Cuckoo Box: DJ Bono
Durty Nelly’s: Live Music
Imperial: Irish Karaoke Championship
Gooser’s: Live Music
Russells: Touche
Scotts: Live Music
Sinatra’s at the Hi Way: Nite Owls followed by JP Dillon
Square Bar: Live Music
Sunday March 1
Clubs and Concerts
Icon: Pat Maloney
Trinity Rooms: Paul Webb and Johnny da Bomb
Pubs and Gigs
Smyths Bar: Transmitter
Cuckoo Box: Bad Mood
Imperial: Boogie Night with Gary G
Russells: Same Size Feet
Sinatra’s at the Hi Way: Jim Keane (Nite Owls) on piano and Liam Ryan 8pm

Monday March 2
Icon: DJ Richie
Trinity Rooms: Recession Mondays
Cuckoo Box: Swing Lessons 8pm
Million Dollar Swing Band 8pm

Tuesday March 3
Icon: Mor Disco
Trinity Rooms: Milkshake with Johnny Da Bomb and John Kelly

Wednesday March 4
Dolan’s: Cosa in Airde
Icon: DJ Jimmy
Imperial: Karaoke with Marion
Trinity Rooms: Indie Nation with Keith and Mac 3