Comedy with Jon Kenny


COMEDIAN Jon Kenny returns to UCH on March 20. As our newspapers are full of stories of doom and gloom and bad weather, an evening of hilarious comedy with the inimitable Jon Kenny is just what the doctor ordered.  The show heralds a welcome return for Jon to the type of work that made his reputation. Drawing on his impressive background in stand-up, comedic characterisation and music,

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this is another exhilarating show from the talented Kenny.

Jon uses the changing face of contemporary Ireland as the scaffold on which to build his hilarious observations and characters. With an astute eye for the ridiculous in modern life, Jon focuses on Ireland’s new characters, lambasting the emerging Irish eccentricities in this new era. Running through such contrasting experiences as supporting Munster rugby to visiting a health spa, Kenny takes no prisoners and delights in emphasizing the hilarity in everyday life. “Health Spas are part of the legacy we have been left with, along with downstairs bathrooms and Jacuzzi’s, the show takes a general look back on different things over the last ten years and it’s a bit of craic, Jon Kenny tells the Limerick Post. Kenny’s career in comedy happened by default. “I started in the eighties by accident really, I was working as an actor in Dublin and started doing a few gigs on the side and they started to take off, so I went for the comedy instead of the acting. I’m always working on something, I’m lucky to be still doing it 25 years later, living the dream and getting away with it, I have the pleasure of never having a day job”.

Jon presents a night of expert comedy and exciting new work combined with a celebration of his masterful musicality.  Joining him on stage is fiddle player Ivor Ottley.  The show sweeps through multiple genres of modern entertainment and admirably displays Kenny’s skill in each. “We’ll try to have a laugh, music is also a strong part of the show, I’ve kept it in the show, people really enjoy it.” The Limerick Post has two pairs of tickets to giveaway to the show. Simply tell us what mischievous duo did Jon form part of in the nineties? Answers to [email protected]