Delays cause some residents to lose faith


IN a period that sees the regeneration agencies strongly criticised by city councillors, they are being urged to act more speedily if they are to retain the confidence of local people.

Labour councillor, James Houlihan, has been assured by regeneration chief, Brendan Kenny that CCTV cameras in Keyes Park will be up and running within two weeks.

The cameras have been down since August and after an initial repair timeframe of two weeks, this was then delayed until October and then again to Christmas.

“These continuous delays show a total lack of concern and urgency for the people of Keyes Park, and they are beginning to lose faith in the project – their enthusiasm for regeneration is beginning to be replaced by apathy.

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“We’ve just been told by Mr Kenny that their action plans for this year will include the demolition of vacant and derelict houses and the implementation of environmental cleanups, but this cannot be put on the long finger as there are lots of boarded up houses already in O’Malley Park, Keyes P{ark and Weston that are rat infested due to the lack of urgency shown by both the agency and city council in tackling the issue.

“It must be a priority issue to get these houses cleaned out and it must be done before the weather starts to get warmer”.