Residents not singing with Ceol na hAbhann


Selling agents says nursing home and retirement village will go ahead

AN UNFINISHED housing estate in Caherconlish has become an issue of contention for families in the locality.

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The estate, Ceol na hAbhann, is designed to also comprise a retirement village along with a nursing home.

However, according to residents, it has been left unfinished by the developers and is now a sore point for locals.

The houses have been completed and occupied, but Councillor Mary Harty, told the Post that the road surfaces were left unfinished and  that drainage issues were resulting in surface water.

As well, the retirement village was not completed, with the houses half built and just the foundation of the nursing home in place.

According to Cllr Harty, the estate was left unfinished over a year ago and is a major cause of concern for locals, who feel the area is not only unsightly, but unsafe.

She said; “Residents are very concerned about the dangerous aspects the buildings pose to the many children living in the area. They are very angry, and feel that not only is it devaluing their properties, but also poses a safety issue. The estate has been half covered by wire mesh fencing, leaving the other half open. They also fear it could become a magnet for anti-social behaviour”.

Cllr Harty also said that the estate has not been completed in accordance with the planning permission that was granted, adding the County Council have issued an enforcement notice to the developer, which, she alleged, has not been complied with. A snag list of items, reportedly four pages long, include, footpaths, drain and manhole finishes, and surface finishing.

She continued: “Residents paid a lot of money for houses in the estate and now they are losing out on the double, with their houses being devalued because of the unsightly condition of the estate. The developer has been contacted on numerous occasions by residents, but they are getting no joy. It needs to be secured, at least, and made safe for children”.

The Limerick Post contacted Robert’s Auctioneers, who are selling agents for the estate, and spokesperson, Pat O’Dea, responded: “I have dealings with the residents in the estate on a regular basis and only one man has mentioned the issue of the retirement village to me. Issues have been dealt with immediately.

“I have just received news from the builders involved and they have informed me that the nursing home has been sold. Work is to recommence on the building next month.

“It had been difficult to get a buyer in this economic climate, but one has now been secured. The retirement village will be completed along with the nursing home, and the final layer of tarmac will be applied once building has finished, as is procedure”.

Mr. O’Dea also commented that neither he nor the developer had been made aware of any problems in relation to drainage in the estate.