Sen Kelly takes final seat


THE final and third seat has been taken by Labour candidate Senator Alan Kelly in the Ireland South European constituency.
Senator Kelly received 64,000 first preference votes or 12.9 per cent.

Independent candidate and outgoing MEP,  Kathy Sinnott conceded the final seat to Sen Kelly at around 9pm.
Sinn Fein’s Toiréasa Ferris was eliminated at the seventh count.
Fianna Fail’s Brian Crowley was the first to exceed the quota securing his seat and his return to Brussels.
Fine Gael’s Sean Kelly the former GAA boss secured the second seat with 134,712 votes.

European Election

How they polled

South : Candidate Summary                    

                                                          1st            %
Name                     Party    Sitting   Pref         Votes     Elected

CROWLEY, Brian         FF          Yes    118,258    23.70%       Yes
KELLY, Seán               FG                    92,579    18.60%       Yes
FERRIS, Toiréasa        SF                     64 671   13.00%   
KELLY, Alan               LAB                    64,152   12.90%       Yes
SINNOTT, Kathy         IND        Yes       58,485   11.70%   
BURKE, Colm             FG         Yes       53,721   10.80%   
O’KEEFFE, Ned           FF                     16,596     3.30%   
BOYLE, Dan               GP                     15,499     3.10%   
STAFFORD, Alexande IND                    11,692     2.30%   
SEXTON, Maurice      IND                      2,474     0.50%       

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Number of Seats: 3
Quota: 124,532
Candidates: 10
Electorate: 861,727
Turnout: 59.2%
Valid Poll: 498,127
Spoilt Votes: 11836 (2.3)%