Fresh Lobster – stocks are high so prices are lowering


IT is the king of the shell fish and it most certainly is the one of the most irresistible dining treats available, but for some time, fresh lobster has been out of the price range for most of us but thankfully, due to some high stock levels, the delicious delicacy is now much more accessible and thus easier on the pocket.

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So not only can you enjoy lobster should you venture out to your favourite restaurant, it is now a real option for some home cooking too as an average 1kg gem will come in at under 20 euro and the price is still falling.

Unless you buy it freshly cooked, lobster – like any other crustaceans or shellfish – must be bought live. They are then killed humanely in boiling water, or using a sharp knife through the cross at the back of their heads.

The prepared lobster meat is then ready to use in any made up dish and, for anyone avoiding sauces, can also be served very simply with salad, seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Wine with the Lobster

We love this wine, well I do anyway and for the best rose wine I always tend to look to France or Italy and in this case this Petit Bourgeois Pinot Noir has been a firm favourite since I first came across it 12 months ago.

It’s great with salads or as an aperitif but match this with any lobster dish of your choice and the fruit and very light fizz (it’s not fizzy, but has gently rolling bubbles through the glass) makes this a great match.

Such a wonderfully typical Pinot rosé bursting with fragrant strawberry fruit. The palate is superb with pure zesty strawberry/raspberry fruit and a lively crispness that makes for a very refreshing rosé. Always best while young and fresh, chilled and on its own or washing down a variety of dishes.

Petit Bourgeois Pinot Noir Rosé 10.99 from O’Briens