Mayor gets tough on defaulting developers


MAYOR Kevin Kiely, has asked that “no further planning applications be accepted from developers who have not completed previously developed sites.

He revealed that there are 92 city housing developments which remain uncompleted.


“We’re talking about unfinished pathways, sewerage piping, lighting, etc, etc, and we keep finding that it’s the same developers that are responsible for a number of developments,” he said.

“A few weeks ago, one of these people submitted another application for a further housing development – I’m strongly recommending that this be sent back to him”.

Referring to the Stenson Park development which dates back to 1975, the mayor said that despite repeated calls on City Hall officials to “go after the developer” to bring up to standard, broken footpaths, potholed roads etc,” the estate is still officially not completed.

“There’s a moral responsibility on these developers – they should not be allowed any new planning permissions”.

The mayor’s notice of motion was seconded by Cllr Jim Long.

Pointing out that the city council does have the power to refuse an application on the basis of the past history of a developer in not completing estates to standard, director of services, Oliver O’Loughlin, said that it has used that authority on occasion.

“We will, however, have further protection shortly, under a  new Bill,” he told the mayor.