Young mother tried to conceal and pass cannabis to prison inmate


A 20-year-old mother of one who tried to conceal and pass almost €200 worth of cannabis to a prison inmate at Limerick Prison, was before Judge Tom O’Donnell.

Paula Fitzpatrick formerly of Salvia Court, Keyes Park, Southill, was charged with the offence of possession of a controlled substance for unlawful sale or supply. Having being canvassed for directions at an early juncture, the DPP consented to the summary disposal of the case at the Limerick District Court, where details were given.


Inspector Seamus Ruane said that on September 1, 2008, prison officers intercepted the accused in possession of the package as she attempted to conceal it and pass it to her boyfriend who was held in custody. The package was sent for laboratory analysis and the results showed that it contained both cannabis resin and cannabis herb.

Upon her arrest and detention, Ms Fitzpatrick admitted the offence immediately.

Ted McCarthy, solicitor, said that his client was co-operative at all times, and this was confirmed by gardai.

He said that certain “ties were evident with associates of criminal gangs and the boyfriend she was visiting”.

Subsequently, the court was told that Ms Fitzpatrick had to leave her home and now lives in the north east of the country with her mother and “away from these people”.

Ms Fitzpatrick, the court heard, was also positively engaging with the HSE regarding the care and support of her child.

Judge O’Donnell heard that Ms Fitzpatrick now had a “support structure” in place at her new address and was “away from the bad elements that influenced her decisions in the past”.

Canvassing the Probation Services for a full report relating to the matter and the accused, he marked the facts proven and sought the report be furnished to the court on March 11 next.