O’Donnell puts his faith in Bruton

KIERAN O’Donnell, TD, has declared his support for Richard Bruton in this Thursday’s (June 17)  Fine Gael leadership challenge, writes John O’Shaughnessy.

His decision will disappoint Enda Kenny, who, earlier this week, appointed O’Donnell as acting Finance Minister, after his sacking of Mr Bruton.

O’Donnell was not taking phone calls on Wednesday.

 Kenny and Bruton face a possible showdown for party leadership, should Kenny lose a vote of confidence motion.

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O’Donnell had remained quiet on his stance up to lunchtime Wednesday.

Michael Noonan, meanwhile, has yet to declare his intention.

MEP Sean Kelly, based in Limerick, has come out in support of Kenny. Kelly and Kenny are related through marriage.

There has been a mixed reaction from Fine Gael sources in Limerick on this latest bout of infighting within the party.