Flip It TV

New internet TV channel Flipit TV has been online for a few months now and highlights Limerick’s music and alternative scene. Their mission is to “give a voice to those who are not heard or seen usually on local TV or in local newspapers”. Presenters Ali Daly and Olivia Chau brought their film crew to the recent Bump festival and got interviews with practically everyone on the bill, Bearweasel, Code, Tony Roche, Emetix, Nikki Kelly and Mr. Noisy to name a few.

DJs that you have heard in action many times get to talk to the Flipit TV crew and describe their passion for their craft, upcoming releases and their reaction to the festival. Chau and Daly also throw a few curve balls at their interviewees, quizzing them on what animal they would like their lower bodies to be, what flavor they are and even get some to act out their signature dance moves. Priceless stuff and all the proof you need that Limerick’s dance scene is in the hands of a smart, media savvy crew.

Well worth a look, check it out on YouTube, search for Flipit TV. Final preparations are being made for their official launch party on Sept 18 featuring Foxjaw Bounty Hunters and others TBA