New riverside project in King’s Island district


TENDERS are likely to be sought for the development of a new Island Bank Walkway in King’s Island.
The project will include an upgrading of the existing surface along the route with new tarmacadam or patch repairs to the existing tarmacadam, surfacing, as appropriate, the installation of kerbs, fencing and landscaping works.

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Some funding is available from the regeneration programme, and Cllr Gerry McLoughlin has submitted a notice of motion to Limerick City Council that it puts in place an environmental plan for the project, “for the benefit of the wider area and for regional tourism”.
The redevelopment plan for the bank walkway includes the installation of pedestrian turnstile access points for seven locations including King’s Island Community Centre, Athlunkard Street and Lee Estate.

“It is also proposed to provide a new tarmacadam surface access between the Abbey River and Lee Estate, suitable for occasional vehicular access, with speed ramps and vehicular gates – essential for the emergency services,” said Cllr McLoughlin, who added:
“There will also be a line marked out for cyclists, as well as turnstiles to block out entry to cars and quad bikes. A boardwalk will link up with King John’s Castle – it will be for the local people, but also for everyone in the city, as well as visitors”.

Describing the project as “an ambitious plan,” Cllr John Gilligan, a resident of King’s Island, said the bank had began to sink – I totally support this project getting underway”.
Cllr Tom Shortt said be believes the Island Bank was built by direct labour during the famine years.
“As it stands today, it is seriously under-utilised but it is a lovely walk and I support the project one hundred per cent – it is another great example of turning the city towards the river.”

Cllr Shortt, who resides on Brown’s Quay, is calling for the removal of the salmon weir on the river. The weir is located in the stretch of river that flows between the island of St Mary’s Park and the Thomondgate area.
“It ceased operation 30 years ago and is now a derelict site in the river and is obstructing navigation. The Fisheries Board should now remove it – to do so, would give a new lease of life to the development of the river”.

Cllr Orla McLoughlin said that the weir was shrouding St Mary’s Park.
“We sing the parish anthem – There is an Isle, which means so much to us – the creation of the new Island Walkway presents an opportunity to rectify the imbalance of development in King’s Island”.