Strong reaction to RTE Prime Time programme

THERE has been a very negative reaction to this week’s RTE Prime Time programme, which visited housing estates in the Regeneration areas.
Hereunder are a selection of comments from the Limerick Post Facebook page.

Mike Culligan:
What a joke RTE made of Limerick yet again…

Bryan Flanagan:
Dublin is worse! Why do they keep putting down Limerick is it just to promote Dublin?

Gary Kirwan:
It just goes to show the people involved with the regeneration haven’t a clue in the last two years what have they done?
It would be a great boost to jobs in Limerick if they got building,  It would cost a fraction of what it would have cost a few years ago.

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Melissa Barrett-Casey:
The title did not reflect what they reported – as usual it was ALL about Limerick and the downside.
Not once did they show anything positive – If it was about the rough/worst housing estates in Ireland, why didn’t they also focus on Cork, Dublin etc… No, once again RTE bad mouths Limerick!

Orla Nash:
Made a show of Limerick and the people that live here.

Richard Ryan
Shame On Limerick! Shame on You! I was embarrassed to be from Limerick having watched the programme and to think that this will be archived forever.
To see those poor Limerick people and families so frightened and physically upset was a very sad day for our City.
Shame on the local management. Shame on the local representatives. Shame on our National representatives.
We should take to the streets of Limerick in support of all the decent people who deserve a quality of life in all parts of our city.  The images were akin to what you would expect to see in a war zone…. a devastated, deplorable area.

Dermot Keogh:
Regeneration is a joke. What exactly have they and the council done except move some of the “trouble makers” out into decent areas only to start the same all over again.
I was mortified watching that show. As if the interviews with the local gangs were not bad enough we had to endure stories of heartbreak and torture that in these modern times should not be happening.

Patrick Culhane:
I am Irish, originally from a village just outside Limerick city. I emigrated 18 years ago, I am now living in Luxembourg and I have just watched this on the RTE website. Well what is next, the enter at your own risk signs as you arrive in Limerick.
I am proud to be Irish, but when I see reports like this, I am more embarrassed than anything else.

Niamh Fogarty:
I watched the programme and I don’t think the intention was to put Limerick down but to expose what is happening. These are the facts and something need to be done. I think fair play to RTE, now the officials have to face up to their responsibility to the “normal” people and deal with the scum bags.
I say arm the Garda. I live in Texas now and the police carry guns and they are not afraid to use them. I am not afraid to walk the streets here!.