Brown Thomas to continue to invest in city


MD puts end to ‘closure’ rumours
RUMOURS that Limerick flagship store Brown Thomas is set to close, have been dismissed by the company’s managing director, Stephen Sealey.
Speaking to the Limerick Post, he stated:
“It was never the case that we were going to close.


“We are profitable and we have continued to make a profit through the recession, and employ 250 people in Limerick.
“We own the O’Connell Street building and we are continuing to invest… we have introduced Warehouse, enhanced Oasis, and we are hoping to expand our cosmetics department.
“I would also like to spend some money on the outside of the building, but to be honest, that is going to have to wait until more buoyancy returns to the market”.
Asked if there had been any expressions of interest in the building from developers, he replied:
“Going back three or four years ago there were various discussions about the site.
“If the Opera Centre had progressed, Brown Thomas would have remained an anchor in Limerick, but it is not relevant to now, and we have no intention of moving anywhere.
“We have been in Limerick for many years and we will remain in Limerick”.
He was anxious to dismiss speculation about the store’s future.
“It’s just hearsay and at this point, it’s annoying. I’ve got no idea where it has come from.
“We have a situation where staff from Brown Thomas are out on social occasions and people are asking them when it’s closing.
“It has been going for some time and we didn’t necessarily want to make a statement on it because we didn’t feel the need to, but now that the rumours have intensified, we had to dismiss them”.