Confront claims of intimidation, says O’Dea

LOCAL politicians have voiced concerns over at what they claim is intimidation of residents in the Ballynanty area.
Now Willie O’Dea TD, is calling on the Limerick City Council to confront the situation.
Speaking to the Limerick Post, he said:

“Residents have made complaints regarding threats and intimidating behaviour.  Ballynanty cannot turn into a no-go area because of one or two families causing disturbances out there.
“City Council should make a statement and let us know what the problem is to allow the situation be dealt with”.
Cllr Kevin Kiely wants plans to be put in place to organise a special committee meeting.
“There is a problem there for the last few years and we should call a special committee meeting to allow the Gardaí, Limerick City Council and the HSE discuss the situation.
“A number of these people have been taken before the courts, but we have not been able to get a court order to possess the houses”.
It is understood that future tenants will be required to get Garda clearance before a tenancy agreement is arranged.
“Intimidation has become a problem for some residents in the last year. Four or five families have moved out of the area because of threats that were made,” alleged Cllr Kiely.
“There are regular garda patrols in Ballynanty. Unfortunately, a small number of families are causing problems. There are a lot of decent people living in the area”.