Crackdown on prostitution continues in Limerick

AFTER two years of investigation, a Dubliner, in his 50s, together with his partner, aged in her 30s, were arrested in Limerick last weekend as part of a major operation into the crackdown of prostitution and the running of brothels in Limerick and the surrounding areas. Believed to be a “main figure” in the city’s illegal sex trade, he was arrested and detained as part of a nationwide investigation. Two apartments on opposite quaysides of the River Shannon were searched last weekend, where documents and large number of items were seized.

Gardai described it as a “significant arrest,” and the “file is now with the DPP.
Addresses at two city locations were targeted.
The crackdown on brothels in Limerick is continuing.
Figures compiled reveal that Limerick has one of the highest rates of detection in the illegal sex trade.
Operations last month saw gardai raid short term rented apartments, and a number of people questioned.
The raids were in connection to a recent increase in “the lunchtime brothel trade,” where two Romanian, two Czech and two Polish women were questioned but released without charge.
A Dutch woman and a UK national were also questioned in connection with a raid at an address in Newcastle West.
Limerick District Court had fined three Romanian women €200 each after they were charged with soliciting for the purposes of prostitution on Thomas Street on June 6.