The Basic Art of Italian Cooking

MANY people know Leonardo da Vinci for his famous paintings, but what people don’t know is that da Vinci had a passion for food, pulling inspiration for his some of his most famous pieces, such as The Last Supper, from one of his favourite cookbooks of the day. In Maria Liberati’s upcoming cookbook, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: DaVinci Style, she uncovers a side of the world-renowned artist that adds a creative flair to her authentic Italian recipes.

Set to be released in October 2011, (available on Kindle and Barnes and September 1,2011) this cookbook is set to give chefs of all skill levels something to look forward to this year.
Inspired by da Vinci’s life and travels, Maria has compiled a mouth-watering assortment of recipes that reflect the effortless style of da Vinci’s contributions to Mediterranean culture. She writes, “Simplicity in everything, including cooking, is the truest art form, and da Vinci was a master of simplicity.” Incorporating details from da Vinci’s life and works, including several English translations of his poems that further demonstrate his love of food, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: DaVinci Style gets to the heart of what it means to create in the kitchen.