Garryowen families celebrate Circuit Court decision

RESIDENTS of a city housing estate are “overjoyed” after a family, who it was claimed terrorised the community, lost a Circuit Court appeal against their eviction. Limerick City Council originally brought the ‘possession order’ against the family in the District Court last year, and Limerick Circuit Court upheld the order in recent days. Speaking to the Limerick Post this week, a resident of Fairview Crescent, Garryowen, who wished to remain nameless said:

“It’s been a living hell here. The people of the area will be glad to see the back of them. I also hope other families who are doing similar things will sit up and take notice”.
According to the source, “up to 20 families” have left Fairview Crescent since it was first built a decade ago.
City Council tenancy officials had issued the family with several warnings about engaging in anti-social behaviour, before the court order could be issued.
“They were out all hours of the night causing mayhem for all of us. There are elderly and disabled people living here who just want to live in a peaceful estate,” the source added.
In 2010, there were more than 200 complaints made to the city local authority about the behaviour of council tenants.
Garryowen resident and Labour councillor, Gerry McLoughlin, accepted there were a lot of problems in Garryowen, but defended the area.
“I live at Sarsfield Avenue and I wouldn’t move for the world. I’ve fantastic neighbours, it’s a great place. Garryowen is one of the largest estates in the city. I know it has been neglected and something needs to be done for people here,” Cllr McLoughlin said.
“The people of Garryowen are entitled to as good a quality of life the same as everywhere else. I’m doing my best for the area but it’s hard to find money for facilities. Part of the problem is that Garryowen doesn’t come under Regeneration but, a lot of people living there wouldn’t necessarily want that either,” he added.
Independent city councillor, John Gilligan, explained that it was a “last resort” to evict anyone from their home, “but it’s a necessary option that must be open to us as a local authority”.
He concluded: “Some seem to have an idea they can continue to be neighbours from hell and that’s pretty frightening. People in general have to realise that there has to be consequences for their actions. Too many decent people have been driven out of their homes and that’s not fair either. So, where the council have to enforce eviction orders, I’ll support it.”