Flip your wig, its Grant Hart!


IN 1979, Grant Hart, along with Bob Mould and Greg Norton, formed Hüsker Dü. The speed-fuelled hardcore punk of their earliest days evolved with influences of 60’s pop creating a new discordant sound with melodic songs that laid down the blueprint for later bands like Nirvana, The Pixies, Greenday and our own Tooth, The Hitchers and We Come in Pieces. From their indie beginnings to signing to major label Warners, it was a mere nine years that saw drug addiction, fights over money, and a growing rivalry between songwriters Hart and Mould break up the band by 1988.

On the possibilities of a Husker Du reunion, Grant recently said, “Every other favourite of a certain generation have had their reunions already, I would not be surprised if we never play again”
Since Husker Du’s breakup Grant went on to form Nova Mob and put out a handful of critically acclaimed solo albums over the years, including ‘Hot Wax’ and ‘Intolerance’. In April of this year, Grant released a limited edition 7” vinyl with two new songs, ‘Morning Star’ and ‘So Far From Heaven’. The tracks are taken from his highly anticipated new album, ‘The Argument’ which comes out early next year.
Grant Hart helped with Limerick Post’s enquiries this week.
Limerick Post: The new double album is based on John Milton’s Paradise Lost. How have you set about writing ‘The Argument’ without being overwhelmed by the vastness of the material in Paradise Lost and complete an accessible album?
Grant Hart: “I have excised all of the religion and anything that I was not really inspired by. I channelled most of it from meditations and book majick. Condensed versions like the one by Nancy Willard were extremely helpful as guides to what can be eliminated. Still I found the double album format too short. What to do!!”
LP: Having played as a solo artist, are you enjoying performing and experimenting with the bigger sound of a full band again?
GH: “My band are Irish players, Colm O’Herlihy, Simon Dargan and Dan Walsh. The band will begin rehearsals before the trip begins. Playing in full band form can be a real joy when it works. My problem is cutting back and playing less fully. There will be a very wide selection of songs for the shows. Perhaps one or two post ‘’Argument ‘’ songs.”
LP: For all the “mid-life crisis Husker Du obsessives”, including myself, what are the chances of Husker Du’s early albums on the SST label getting re-mastered/reissued?
GH: “The current situation with SST is not good but will get brighter. Greg Ginn (SST founder) is actually suing the band for overpayment of royalties. A World Turned Upside Down.”
Grant Hart and his band play Bourkes Bar on Thursday December 13.