Mad Man

the farmer again

A: Corn ExchangeCORN Exchange comes to Lime Treee Theatre on Saturday April 27 with its quirky hit, ‘Man of Valour’. It’s a solo show with actor Paul Reid as the valorous man, having won prizes and glowing reviews over the last two years.

“He is a 9 to 5 office drone, living a life that is quite isolated. He struggles to talk to people and has not uttered a single word to his long-term crush at work, Pamela”. Reid refers  a mysterious package that arrives, whence “his world starts to collapse… the walls shaping it begin to crumble. A demon in him bubbles up inside and he struggles to contain it”.

The actor speaks of a rigorous fury of performance, little being dialogue but playing through all characters and “being the door opening, the lift moving, a train pulling off, the noise a hinge makes”. So well, in fact, that he has been nominated for Best Actor in ABSOLUT Fringe and Irish Times Theatre awards.

‘Man of Valour’ was created by Michael West and directory Annie Ryan. Book at

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