Limerick County Registrar to act as specialist judge


Judiciary, law, court, judgeLimerick county registrar Patrick Meghan is one of six registrars nominated by the Government to be appointed Specialist Judges of the Circuit Court.

The Personal Insolvency Act 2012 provides for the amendment of the Courts Acts to create a cadre of Specialist Judges of the Circuit Court to facilitate the speedy consideration of insolvency applications.

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To avoid expenditure on additional judicial salaries and pensions, eligibility for the new judgeships was initially confined to serving county registrars.

Mr Meghan (60) studied at Trinity College Dublin, followed by the Law Society, Kings Inn and UCD before being called to the bar in 1975.

He has served as the county registrar for Limerick since 2000; previously he worked as a solicitor and he was also the coroner for West Limerick from 1989 to 2000.