Game over Ball Burst – Stay Calm!

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.35.15WATCHING a Munster Semi final to see who Limerick will play in the final is a unique experience. Not having to worry about the qualifier draw is also a weird feeling.
This week the Limerick senior hurlers learned that Cork will be their opponents in this season’s Munster hurling showpiece. It is now all set up for a great final on July 14. The next thing that Limerick hurlers need to do is remain focused.
I have no doubt that John Allen and his men will be training hard over the coming weeks. The biggest problem for the players might just be the Limerick public. Starved of success, the Limerick hurling supporter cannot help themselves when getting excited about the Cork clash. The fans deserve that much. However, judging by some comments on social media and comments made on the streets of Limerick this week, the Limerick hurling fans are getting carried away. Yes, with Cork and Clare serving up a poor game allied with Kilkenny being held by Dublin, things are lining up for a long Summer for Limerick. However the fans, like the players, need to concentrate on Cork and Cork only. The chance for glory is close, just “Stay calm and beat Cork.”