Limerick’s Nubus in a lush dreamland

Nubus AKA Paddy Mulcahy
Nubus AKA Paddy Mulcahy

MACRONITE resident/ promoter Paddy Mulcahy a.k.a nubus released his new album ‘Enter Morning’ this week via Bandcamp.

The eight track album is a collection of lush dreamscape electronica that was nine months in the making. Talking to Limerick Post, Paddy Mulcahy said, “‘Enter Morning’ was recorded in my home studio. Its sound developed over the course of roughly nine months as I acquired more hardware synths and began to experiment with them.”


While ‘Enter Morning’ is a listening experience and not designated for the dance floor, Paddy plays his own Jungle/Drum ‘n’ Bass productions when performing live. The Limerick man played his first gig just two years ago in Baker Place and has a since DJ’d at Dublin’s Twisted Pepper and supported  Paradox at Macronite, to name a few of his venues.

“I began to write music when I was 14. I have released two EPs and one album on the Canadian record label ‘Limbic Records’, however I am self-releasing this one.”

You can check out two tracks from ‘Enter Morning’ on Paddy’s soundcloud page, / and on Nubus will play at Nancy Spain’s, Cork on August 10 and Summer Saturnalia Festival, Yorkshire from July 19 to 21.