Managing workplace stress


Business_Zen-1Stress Management Workshop

Limerick Chamber, in association with Peninsula Business Services Ireland’s leading employment law consultancy, is holding a Stress Management Briefing on Thursday 22nd August 2013 in The Clarion Hotel, Limerick. The briefing will commence at 12.30pm finishing at 2.30pm.

Stress Management is becoming more prevalent in today’s work environment as climate change and added pressure in the workplace is leading to an increased amount of stress leave – so, how does the employer broach this delicate matter and what legal complications surround the subject?

Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland, said “Stress can be defined as the body’s reaction to change and requires a physical, mental or emotional response which can be caused by a number of factors. The effects of stress on an employee can have an impact on your company and can cause poor quality results or absenteeism which makes it a difficult issue to deal with”.

During this briefing we will look at how to manage issues that relate to stress and show how they can affect a company’s productivity and efficiency. You will also learn to understand the difference between stress and work related stress, discuss common causes and effects on the employee and how to manage stress in the workplace, ensure you’re compliant with contractual terms and conditions due to recent legislation and learn how to reduce and control absenteeism. We will also discuss how to record any issues raised by your employee.

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Brendan Hanratty, Health & Safety Specialist at Peninsula will be speaking on stress management from a compliance perspective. He will provide delegates with an insight into managing issues related to stress effectively through an Employee Assistance Programme.

The Stress Management workshop will cover both recent and forthcoming changes to employment law and will also provide practical advice and offer time to have any questions you may have answered by our experts. Comprehensive hand-outs will be distributed at the end of the event, covering what will be discussed in the briefing. This event is open to business owners, proprietors and senior decision makers.