After Dark – Marine Search and Rescue Fundraiser


WELL done to everyone involved in the recent fundraiser for Marine Search and Rescue in Limerick which took place at The Locke Bar last week.
Limerick girls Aine O’Keefe and Maeve Ryan from Raheen, who work together in Dealz in the city centre, took it upon themselves to organise the charity table quiz at the popular riverside pub to help raise funds for the organisation.
With the help of friends like Katrina Otto and Mary Wrenn, Aine and Maeve put together a great night out with a general knowledge quiz being the main event. They were delighted with the turnout last Thursday 15 night.
“The Limerick Marine Search and Rescue is an entirely voluntary organisation and with the risks they take to save lives here in Limerick every day, we see the volunteers as nothing short of heroes and truly deserving of all the funding they can get so we are trying to raise as much funds as possible,” Aine explained.
And thanks to the superb support of those who attended the fundraiser and people like Tony from The Locke Bar who helped out the girls with finger food for the night. They managed to raise an impressive e767.
All the money raised will now go towards the Limerick Marine Search and Rescue team which works tirelessly for the people of Limerick and is always delighted with any fundraising that can be done for their voluntary, life saving operation.