SIPTU calls for receiver to be appointed to Andersen Ireland Ltd


SIPTU has called on the Ulster Bank to appoint a receiver to Andersen Ireland Ltd in order to assess what prospects exist of maintaining jobs at the custom jewellery manufacturing plant in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick.

SIPTU Organiser, Denis Gormalley, said: “This Wednesday, SIPTU learned that Andersen Ireland Ltd is to move to put the company into court appointed liquidation. This move would likely be the final death knell for the plant. Separately, some small but significant progress had been made with State agencies in attempting to find a new owner. If the liquidation goes ahead this will have proven to be futile.

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“Instead of proceeding with the plant’s liquidation SIPTU is calling on Ulster Bank, the company’s main business creditor, to appoint a receiver to the company. This would be a good news story for the banking sector as its intervention could result in the survival of the plant and its associated jobs.”

He added: “SIPTU representatives met with the parent company on Monday (15thSeptember) to discuss prospects to save jobs and to negotiate the best possible package for those workers facing redundancy.

“However, the parent company has failed to make any commitments to the future or staff at the plant. The workers feel that this faceless overseas management has shown no decency or respect to them and their families. It hasgiven no consideration to the consequences of the decision to close the plant without pursuing all possible avenues to maintain its operation.”