Rubberbandits blame the curse of St Munchin

rubber-bandits-in-videoWHILE “corruption and cronyism” are two words that have been bandied about a lot in recent days, Limerick hip-hop comedy duo Rubberbandits have their own unique take on the City of Culture row.

Rapper Blindboy Boatclub told the Limerick Post that he believes that the maelstrom that ensued this week was not down to “a sense of corrupt entitlement among the elite”, but in fact, all caused by the curse of St Munchin.

“According to the Bard of Thomond, Munchin put a curse on the people of Limerick because nobody would help him build his church. His curse states that no Limerick person will ever be successful in their own town. We knew from the beginning of the City of Culture festival that it was Munchin’s curse at work, rather than shoddy organisation by unqualified people,” Blindboy explained.

The ‘Horse Outside‘ star also revealed that following a heated public meeting in Clarion Hotel last Friday, the duo then hatched a plan to save City of Culture. According to Blindboy, the first part of their mission was to locate the true site of St Munchin’s original church.

“It is not opposite King John’s Castle as many believe, but further downriver near Barringtons Pier. It’s a long abandoned tiny tenth century stone church named Kilrush Church, located just beside Villiers in a housing estate,” the Rubberbandit declared.

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“At approximately 9pm on the night of January 3, we entered the abandoned stone church for a highly secret meeting with the spirit of St Munchin. We encountered the spirit as he sat on a plastic stool where once the altar stood. He was short and white, about the size of a sheep, he wore a Man United Jersey and his hands were sticky from centuries of Cleaves Toffee.

“After a tense chat which mirrored the gathering in the Clarion, we reached an agreement. St Munchin promised us that he would lift his curse on Limerick for 365 days and nights. In exchange, we agreed to upload him onto the internet so that he may look at pictures of girls wearing their going out clothes on facebook,” the Limerick rapper announced.

The Rubberbandits are now confident that Limerick City of Culture 2014 can proceed to “do the great things it is capable of doing, free from the curse of St Munchin”.

And that, as they say, is Limerick Cittaaay!