Generous response to sick Limerick mother’s appeal

by Bernie English

ZondraAT 27 years of age with a delightful son and a college place studying applied chemistry, Zondra Meaney would appear to have everything going for her.

Instead she has been hospitalised four times in the last six months, is in excruciating pain, unable to keep down either food or medicine while doctors tell her they can do nothing but try to manage the pain.

After years of appointments with consultants in various fields, Zondra was diagnosed last July with a progressive illness called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which attacks every area of the body.

While there is no centre of expertise to treat the disease in Ireland, Zondra has been told there is a specialist unit in a hospital in London. But to be treated there, the young woman from Dooradoyle will have to raise up to €50,000

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“I have terrible pain but I can’t eat or keep medicine down so I have to go to hospital for drip treatment. I’ve lost 10 kilos in three weeks,” she told the Limerick Post

EDS affects Zondra’s heart, her stomach and her pelvis, arms and legs are constantly dislocating.

“The doctor was brutally honest and told me the damage done to my joints is irreversible, there is no treatment and, if I continue to go the way I am, I will not be able to walk by the end of college”.

Zondra tries to keep her six-year old, Carrick Mac Mahon, from seeing her when she is terribly ill. “It’s hard being away from him but I wait until I’m getting a bit better and come down to the coffee shop in my wheelchair when he visits.

“I don’t want to ask people for anything but my friends are insisting. They say I have to go to this centre where they have experience in treating this disease – I can’t live my life in and out of hospital.

Zondra says people have already been very generous. “The Go Fund Me page has raised €7,000 in the first week”.

Anyone who would like to help or know about upcoming fundraisers can check out:

Donation Page