‘Derisory’ compensation offered over loss of eyesight



by Andrew Carey

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An offer of €7,000 compensation was described as derisory by the legal representative of a man who was blinded in one eye after a dispute over a facebook posting escalated into a nightclub row.

Francis Doherty (22) of Lough Lower, Cahir, Co Tipperary pleaded guilty to assaulting Patrick Moss causing him harm outside the former Trinity Rooms nightclub in Bank Place, Limerick, on May 20, 2011.

Prosecuting counsel John O’Sullivan BL, said that Mr Moss who was a trainee electrician at time, had gone to Limerick for a night out when he was confronted by Doherty who started talking about an incident that had occurred between the two men in Cahir some 18 months previously.

The last thing the 23-year-old remembered was being punched in the face by Doherty outside the nightclub. He had three teeth knocked out, suffered cuts and bruises, a fractured elbow and an injury to his left eye that has resulted in loss of sight.

Mr O’Sullivan said the real question would be whether or not the victim a qualified electrician, would able to work on big building sites after being blinded in one eye.

It was a matter of common sense that any large employer “wouldn’t allow a one eyed man onto a big site”, he said.

Mr O’Sullivan described the offer of €7,000 towards compensation as “derisory” and said this figure was inadequate.

Defence counsel Anthony Sammon said that something was posted on Facebook that upset Doherty and this added to the “bad blood between the two men”.

The offer of €7,000 was never intended to be the total amount of compensation but had been brought to court as a “token of regret”.
Seeking an adjournment for one year, Mr Salmon said that his client, who had no previous convictions and was now a qualified electrician and would be able to improve his compensation offer.

Judge Carroll Moran adjourned the case until July 29 next and directed that the €7,000 be paid to Mr Moss forthwith.