Conmen pose as Irish Water officials amid flooding chaos



Andrew Carey

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UNSCRUPULOUS scam artists posing to be from Irish Water or the Pensions Board have been operating in Limerick amid the flooding chaos and just a short time before roads in parts of the city were turned into flowing rivers and moats, cutting off estates and destroying homes.

Described as being “two well groomed men”, the scam artists called to houses in Thomondgate and in Dooradoyle on the Fr Russell Road where they focused their attention on older people living on their own.

In two cases, the criminal operators, posing as legitimate persons from Irish Water, made off with sums of money after duping the occupiers to sign up to bogus schemes and thus hand over money.

Gardai at the Community Policing Unit in Henry Street Garda Station say that the number of people reporting house callers posing to be from either organisation is on the rise in Limerick and they are urging the public to be vigilant and not to sign up for any of these schemes at their front doors and certainly not to hand over any cash.

Do not let people into your home without the correct and verified identifications and do not hand over bank details are the major warnings from gardai as their investigations continue.